Mike Norton is an American physicist and an award-winning Internet marketing strategist, writer, and teacher.

  • While serving in the Navy, he became a 7-time winner of the USS Dwight Eisenhower award as an essayist.
  • As an English teacher, he won the tier-2 award for best teachers in China.
  • He’s won two awards from Full Sail University for Internet marketing. One for online campaign development and another for global Internet marketing strategies.
  • In his twenties, the University of York accepted him for an OpenPlus honors degree program in physics.
  • With the help of several military veterans and a senator candidate, Mike declared cultural independence from African-Americans. He invented a new language and founded a post-American tribe native to North Kenai, Alaska called the Vannoken tribe. Complete with its own food and traditions.
  • He holds over 20 different certifications in marketing, varying from psychology to data science, and artificial intelligence.
  • He owns an international marketing and investment firm, named OMI, as well as a technology company named Wolven Industries (site under construction).
  • He wrote the formula for Norton Mneumonics pertaining to a memory palace.

For the most part, he is a self-educated introvert who lives a nomadic lifestyle. He gains inspiration from a wide array of life experiences and journals his reflections where ever he goes in the world, from one country to the next.

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Here is an old video for understanding the context of his character.