The Vannoken tribe is committed to complete transparency with every traditional element of our culture. This site exists to serve as an official platform for learning about us.

Our content’s target audience is segmented into three types:

  1. People who have never heard of us before.
  2. People who have.
  3. Future generations of our own people

There is no instructional manual for how to rebuild a culture. Thus, we don’t entirely know what we’re doing, nor will we pretend to. Everything we’re striving to accomplish is outside of what was once our comfort zones.

We’re failing upward as we research how to become better parents than what we experienced. We also perform sociological tests (often with social media) to innovate new and better ways of our own thinking. We often use social media to ask questions to experts and very experienced people in different topics to help us.

That’s why we’re open to suggestions and ideas from outside of the tribe. The entire culture is engineered to adapt and evolve with new ideas; that’s one of the positive powers of hybridization, despite its downsides, since everything has positive and negative attributes.

We consider our culture to be human evolution, incarnate. We like rewriting our own mental coding when it’s right to. Our culture has structure and a consistent character of its own; yet, it’s not rigid. It can change shape, like water, given new insight that enlightens us about a better way to exist, as determined through rational discourse.

Meanwhile, there are never meant to be any hidden layers from the public. Feel free to criticize any aspect of our culture as you read about it. No one in the tribe is perfect.

Getting feedback from people outside of the culture, especially those who support our story, can greatly affect how we evolve. If you have well-thought-out constructive criticism based on objective fact, we may actually listen to you and integrate your suggestions into our evolution if we think you’re correct, even if you’re not a part of the tribe.

Therein, you will never see any official threat of violence from us for speaking your mind, making fun of us, calling us racially derogatory names (including the infamous n-word), etc. nor should you from any of our people at the individual level. It’s not our place to tell you what to think of us. All we should do is tell you what we’re about; then, make up your own mind.

We expect ridicule and chastisement to be a natural part of our existence. We’re not victims of it; we chose this.

If you like us, great; if you don’t, we understand. If you have hateful things to say to or about us, we accept it. If you have nice things to say to or about us, we accept it. Exercise the freedom to say anything you want about us on your own social media pages, homes, etc. We’re about freedom; that’s why we’re doing this, to begin with. We will defend ourselves when necessary like any American would, but we’re not about detracting from your rights.

This website will contain a mixture of both stock imagery and footage, as well as real images and footage.
The stock elements are not meant to mislead you, the reader. We mean to keep the site esthetics while not compromising the privacy and safety of the tribe. Nowadays, there are all sorts of technology that can lead to the harm of someone in the tribe. Facial recognition technology, picture meta-data, etc. are all taken into consideration.

Put that tech in the hands of dangerous people of differing political beliefs, and what do you get? Many people do not like the concept of mixed kids repairing themselves and organizing into a complete and distinct culture. We say this with respect for both far-right and -left groups. From the blacks who assassinated Malcolm-X, to the whites who assassinated Martin Luther King. Meanwhile, we aim to serve our country. Thus, showing too much public personal information can disqualify them for job opportunities, such as qualification for special forces selection.

There is a very real element of danger to the development of our culture. We believe that the leader should show their face and brave that danger, leading from the front. However, he alone should take this risk for the good of his fledgeling people.

The others are free to do as they please, either to become public or not. Sometimes, this site may feature some of them with their permission. Though, that’s up to their discretion.

Before we acquired our land, the Vannoken tribe was nomadic. Some of us wandered the mountains of China. Others traveled to other parts of the world on different military deployments. Therein, we select the models depicted in the stock imagery by how close they are to the real people. We also choose the images based on the real situations we find ourselves in.

On Advertising

We will sometimes donate our own cash to advertising the site. Usually, websites advertise for some kind of return on their investment in mind. Every once in a while, this website may host a fundraiser, but making money is not the point.

There is no set budget for our advertising, nor is there a will to “recruit” anyone, or anything like that. The only purpose of our advertising would be to simply raise awareness of our existence and story. To stimulate conversation and help acquire international recognition.

We’d like to acquire international recognition because we believe there’s inspirational power to our story. We’re sure many people in the world have thought about declaring cultural independence like ours, but how many have actually dared?

We’re the first of our kind. Therein, if we fail, someone can learn from our story and perhaps do it better. More followers (in the long-term) can also lead to more money we can raise with fundraisers.

We expect most of our followers on social media to just be interested, curious people who’d like to share their opinion. The varying American and European public opinions are very important to us because we love Europe and we love America. These are the continents on which we live.

This Website Has Had A Soft Launch

There is so much information to tell about Vannoken culture. So, we opted to give this website a soft launch, rather than a hard launch. A “soft launch” is when the website reaches what entrepreneurs call an MVP stage. The acronym “MVP” stands for “minimum viable product.”

In contrast, a “hard launch” is when a website is published in its final form, with all possible information already on it.

Basically, we published this website without all of the cultural information on it. We’re going to update it regularly; sometimes, on a daily basis, other times on a weekly or monthly basis.

The reason why is because building our culture is a part-time effort. There’s much to say and explain; though, we volunteer the website into existence. So, what you see here is not the entirety of what there is to know. Though, the entirety will be published over time, as we get the free time to do so.

There is no intentional will to hide anything from the public; it’s just that we can only work but so fast, considering other responsibilities we have to tend to, such as our businesses, educations, and children.

Most of the posts are made by the leader, though, not all.