Our Psychology

Understanding Vannoken psychology is simple.

It’s not hard to understand; it’s more so hard to believe. It’s best not to overthink how we think.

Envision a broken home.

Now, envision a functional home.

What are the elements missing between the two and how would you fill the gaps between them for your children?

If you analyzed the cultural trajectory of what caused the broken home, coming to the conclusion that it was dysfunctional evolutionary psychology, how would you reset it for the betterment of future generations?

That’s what we’ve restored, just in our own way. We simply took it a step further with the invention of our language and some new traditions.

There’s no mysticism. There are no grand claims or answers to eternal questions. Each individual is free to find or develop their own answers to those kinds of questions.

Interacting with a Vannoken may jar some people who are unfamiliar with our culture. Though, we’re very easy to understand with a moment of critical thought.

If you were an interracial child who didn’t follow the psychology of the Jim Crow 1-Drop Rule, how would you think?

How would you conduct yourself if you stopped being afraid of what other people think?

How would you behave if you transcended the cultural barriers that other people put on you?

What if you had the will to endure ridicule that others lack?

For instance, why can’t a black-dominant man honor a European ancestor or heritage? There’s no legal reason why he can’t. It’s just that, in mainstream African-American culture, this is very taboo. There are deragatory names called to black people who do this.

On the same coin, why can’t a white-dominant man honor an African ancestor or heritage? There’s no legal reason why he can’t. It’s just that, in lots of cultures, this is very taboo, as well. There are deragatory names called to white people who do this, as well.

In Vannoken culture, it’s nothing for a black-dominant man to talk about Vikings, and then actively seek to preserve and protect ancient texts pertaining to the ancient Nords. To people outside of the culture who don’t understand the context, he would seem confused or insane. In context, however, people begin to realize he’s not confused at all.

If the human brain were considered a computer, his mental operating system would simply be operating free from the evolutionary psychology of Jim Crow laws. Meanwhile, if he’s truly forgiven the history between whites and blacks in America, why wouldn’t he seek to preserve a culture that’s an indirect part of him if he found out it was and he wanted to?

He’s mentally free; he can do whatever he wants. Mental freedom for a black/black-dominant person does not mean that he must automatically go pro-black in his politics. That wouldn’t be freedom. Freedom is freedom, and he can go in any direction he likes.

The only question therein, as a hybrid man, would be about his courage, willingness to be misunderstood and made fun of from all cultural sides, or even killed.

So, some may find it bizarre because of preconceived notions of what a black, white, Asian, etc. man should be like. Rather than focusing on the content of their character. The given example would seem particularly bizarre to left-wing thinkers who view “whiteness” as a bad thing to be eradicated.

Vannoken psychology is about becoming a whole person through individual self-discovery. By “whole person,” we mean the denial of none of your ancestry while accepting it all.

One may have a favorite cultural parent. However, that is not to say that you hate any aspect of yourself just because you like one or the other a little more. To like mommy a little more than daddy is not necessarily to hate daddy (and vice-versa).

Assuming so would be a false dichotomy.

So, what happens, to balance out the mind is that you’d view all humans as intrinsically equal. You wouldn’t view them as instrumentally equal, else you’d deny your own differences. Thinking this way prevents the culture from becoming communistic.

The understanding of the types of value to a person is what gives the culture a backbone.

Solid traditions, values, and language give the culture a backbone. This is why we can’t be post-modernistic in thought.

Take the melting pot theory. Post-modernistic multiculturalism creates a cacophony of cultures that are incompatible. Vannoken multiculturalism is a symphony of hand-selected instruments to play and when, based on who the individual already is. The maestro of the orchestra would be the individual’s own mind.

This means that we can’t view all cultures as equal, to do that. In the Vannoken philosophy, not all cultures are the same. Some have elements that are harmful; others don’t. So, the process of becoming a whole person is to acknowledge all heritages. However, you shave off cultural elements of the past that no longer help you, while keeping all that do.

The process of doing so repairs and improves the person. This trickles into the repairing of families, and thus society.

If we can think of a better tradition to serve a more practical purpose, we innovate or invent it. In the macro-view, that’s human evolution through personal development. In the end, what you have is a singular, stable culture paying tribute to different ancestors. This means that “cultural appropriation” doesn’t exist in our culture.

That’s how the melting pot is supposed to be, rather than how political correctness is ruining it. It’s not about “diversity” that would destroy whites, or any other racial group. It’s about the individual, who already has diverse genes, pursuing inner happiness. This is accomplished through accepting all of oneself while forgiving and relinquishing the past.

Meanwhile, the pursuit of happiness is a core tenet of American culture.

So, from the chaos of poverty and dysfunctionality, a new way of thinking has risen: A hybrid mind for hybrid times. Vannoken psychology is the solidification of what post-modernism has shaken up or tried to destroy. It is a mentality that requires toughness. It is a critical mind that craves maximized individual freedom and self-actualization without detaching from objectivity.

Though, it’s important to note that one does not have to be an interracial person to be a Vannoken or imbibe Vannoken philosophy. Even if one is hypothetically 100% European, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re a hybrid mix of European cultures over generations, as well. While it was biracial identity crises that inspired the philosophy, the concept isn’t actually about race more than hybrid ideas, families, and histories for what they are.

For one instance, in the Vannoken mind, a workforce of a Frenchman, an Englishman, and a Spaniard are all Europeans; yet, they are culturally diverse. Not only are they of three distinctly different cultures, they may each have a genealogical history of intermixing those cultures. Therein, the Vannoken tribal philosophy could still apply to the individual in this context, even if their blood does not contain hybridized haplogroups.

Giving it a name is part of giving it form. Meanwhile, a declaration of cultural independence is needed because of respect for other people’s freedom to disagree.