Our Mission

Our mission is to reset our own cultural evolutionary psychology to go in a generational direction that’s more compatible with the rest of western civilization, which is to fully integrate by giving action steps to Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech while keeping a unique style of cultural individuality.

A dream without action steps is useless. It’s a soul without a body; it’s vapor without tangible substance. Giving a dream genuine structure opens it to criticism, sure, because the first try may not be perfect. But, at least, there would then be something to criticize, to begin with, which is a shoulder someone else can stand on to do better in the future.

…and that’s the process of finally getting somewhere. Somewhere real. Even if only in baby steps of failing forward.

-Mike Norton

Our Objectives

Each bullet point is an objective. Each sub-bullet point is the action step needed to accomplish it.

  • Establish a new psychological platform to take responsibility for by using a new cultural name
    • Create a new name: “Vannoken.”
    • Completely revolutionize the previous generational style of parenting with Peaceful Parenting based on the Non-Aggression Principle
    • Educate our children in a manner as close as possible to the current Finnish and/or Norwegian standards
    • Develop a religion-neutral value system that supports the individual growth of each tribe member to break a previous cycle of self-destruction
    • Embrace all ancestral heritages against the grain of “Jim Crowian” evolutionary psychology
    • Forgive and let go of all past historical pains
    • Develop new traditions that crystallize newfound wisdom for future generations and repair family unity
    • Develop new music that solidifies a different framework of vibrations for our children and their children after them to relate to. Vibrations, tones, and mathematical patterns set for their IQ levels with lyrics in our language that break the psychological effect that mainstream African-American music has on most African-Americans.
  • Develop a new language that gives our children a linguistic advantage in the international business environment and a more expansive sense of reality and time
    • Invent a new language: “Vanno,” consisting of the mechanics of all the major business languages of the world.
  • Gain complete financial independence for all tribe members
    • Master business skills with formal business educations and offer free and/or discounted business consulting for entrepreneurial ideas, or career advice for working non-entrepreneurial tribe members
    • Buy plots of cultural land that are usable by any tribe member to bounce back from poverty if they need a temporary place to stay to recover from failed financial risk.
  • Build a positive international reputation of respect for the contents of our characters
    • Relinquish all governmental financial assistance and benefits that aren’t also offered to whites
    • Contribute to the economy with inventive and innovative ideas, called “Vannoken technology.”
    • Support serving in the military and armed forces members
    • Prove that we can sustain a direct presence in the international economy (such as with, but not limited to, e-commerce websites on the open web)
    • Accept criticism and set a deliberate path for others to criticize, so that if we fail, someone else can stand on the shoulders of what was done in our story to finish what was accomplished
    • Show the world what the mainstream African-American leaders (that we didn’t elect to represent us) are doing wrong by the demonstration of our example
    • Be open to acceptance of all people, especially non-blacks, to create a tribe based on the content of people’s character united by the American flag, rather than divisive victimhood politics based on the color of people’s skin
    • Show (not tell) African-Americans that they can leave their generational mental cages whenever they want through the power of forgiveness and personal responsibility, so long as they’re willing to brave ridicule, and death from all angles in trade for their mental freedom
    • Show (not tell) African-Americans that anger and pain is a fuel that can be channeled for good things, as well…rather than self-destruction

***Note: Many African-Americans may find some of the content on this website offensive. Though, it is not meant to offend them. It’s meant to show another path they can take in life, a different mindset they can develop. There’s absolutely no hatred for African-Americans on this website, or in Vannoken culture, in general. There are only cultural differences, and that is all.

Our Methods

  • Earn employment and educational opportunities through any legal means not involving government assistance, especially Affirmative Action.
  • Seek problems in any given market to develop innovative solutions that help people.
  • Win awards.
  • Develop new forms of generational wealth, such as traditions that contain experiential wisdom, land and real-estate, language, and food recipes.
  • Participate in politics either publicly or privately, such as to vote against government programs like Affirmative Action.
  • Choose our mates wisely while adhering to a K-reproductive strategy to maximize attention and resources for our children while following the Non-Aggression Principle, never minding their skin color or what other people think.
  • Establish an independent psychological platform for both ourselves and our children, so that the failures of other cultures and cultural leaders no longer harm the self-esteem of ourselves and our children, creating the means for more intrinsic motivation to do better in life and relinquish collective self-limiting wounds in self-esteem.
  • Cross cultural and racial boundaries to seek continual mentoring outside of the tribe with the humility necessary to admit that we don’t know everything.
  • Fully integrate into Euro-majority society by embracing our European heritage.
  • Forgive and let go of past historical events.
  • Demonstrate self-compassion by forgiving ourselves for not being perfect, while moving in baby steps.
  • The leader must never hide his face, and take full responsibility for any danger he faces.

Our Antagonists

  • Extremist ideologies and ideological groups of any kind (including, but not limited to, radical Islam, regressive liberalism, fascism, and Marxism)
  • SJW political groups (including, but not limited to, Black Lives Matter)
  • Any threats to the constitution of the United States, including those who seek to limit free speech in the name of defense against hate speech
  • Pro-racial collectivism groups (including, but not limited to, pro-white or pro-black identitarianism)
  • Those who support pro-racial genocide (especially in the form of mass interracial mixing to eliminate whites)
  • Those who seek to force or shame us into reverting back into Jim Crow psychology (including, but not limited to, most left-wing voters, such as many African-Americans and white liberals)
  • Those who try to revise history and use victimization as a rationalization for dehumanizing anyone (including, but not limited to, Hoteps)

How We’ve Accomplished Freedom

  1. Land — Save up several thousand dollars and buy it. Where ever we want. We chose Alaska. Check.
  2. Language — Learn the mathematics that would pertain to it. Then, develop algorithms and rules for the expression of meaning. Choose vowel and constant sounds to make our language sound the way we want it, while inventing our own cultural advantage in the international economy. Check.
  3. A means of living — Go to school. Develop a trade. Begin competing in the market with that trade. Check.
  4. Tribal traditions — I recommend you read this postCheck.
  5. Names — Like Malcolm X renamed himself with the same logic, we’ve developed our own Vannoken names. Check.

Why We’re Not Oppressed

  1. Is anyone taking our land away from us? No. (Unless you count property tax. But, that is a legislative issue that pertains to everyone equally. That is not racial oppression.)
  2. Is anyone working to strip us of our language (Vanno)? No.
  3. Is anyone preventing us from making money in the international market? No. Some of us may have to deal with the international reputation of our phenotype (if we’re black-dominant), which may lose us business. But that’s not actually “oppression.” That’s just people not choosing some of us. Which is fixable with a personal branding strategy.
  4. Is there anyone saying that we can’t develop our own familial tribal traditions? To an extent in technicality, yes: the law. But this isn’t based on our race. It’s based on concepts like child safety, the prevention of domestic violence, etc. But, these are things we agree with. Therefore, we do not have the freedom to start legally sacrificing children to a random god (so to speak). But, we wouldn’t want to do that, anyway. Ergo, no. We are completely legally free to develop new traditions for modern times. Traditions that are practical for the healthy development of our own families.
  5. Is anyone taking our Vannoken names away from us? No.

Therefore, we are not oppressed. We are caught up from slavery. We have no need to march. No need block streets and protest. That is not to slight the wonderful work that legends like Dr. Martin Luther King contributed. We just live in a different time now, that we acknowledge.

Our Political Representation

Most of us started off as biracial kids. Though, we absolutely wouldn’t dare to claim to represent the opinions of all interracial people in the world. We’d simply like to represent ourselves. Non-interracial people are also more than welcome in the tribe.

Our Future

We’re not looking to grow, in particular.

We celebrate the births of our children. Though, that’s about as far as our will to grow goes.

Every once in a while, someone we know who is very close to us may ask to join. Though, even then, acceptance isn’t guaranteed, because it depends on a lot of factors (such as their likelihood to break a law, their legal past as a felon or not, whether they’ll make fools of themselves or hurt others in our name, etc.).

It also heavily depends on why they’d want to join, to begin with. The only thing we have to offer is a tight-knit sense of community, an arguably cool language, business, life, and physical fitness advice, good food, and a cultural restart. We can also offer a place to stay on our lands as they expand and as we buy more around the world, over time. We swap stories with each other from our adventures, fortunes, and misfortunes that we don’t share with everyone.

We share with each other what we’ve accomplished as we’ve been apart. Every once in a while, we go out of our way to visit each other, and that’s about it.

We’re just really good friends, the original members being a band of brothers from the military, with unique senses of selves, who enjoy each other’s company. We rarely see each other in person because we’re so often traveling, or live in different areas.

Thus, if you already come from a good home, you’re not a misfit, and have a stable sense of identity, then you likely have no need to join our tribe. You can learn everything you want about our traditions and copy them yourself from our website, without ever having to speak to us directly.

Copying and practicing all our traditions and lifestyle elements alone wouldn’t make you a Vannoken as recorded by our family records. It’s the same concept as learning karate alone wouldn’t make you Japanese. However, we enjoying hearing about when people take what they want of our culture if it genuinely benefits them.

Acceptance is based on a case-by-case scenario.

We don’t accept anyone under 18. The only children we accept are the children we give birth to, or so happen to adopt directly into our families under the proper legal circumstances.

We don’t accept people who just want to join to feel cool, because that’s not why we formed, to begin with. To be accepted, you’d usually have to be someone who’s got some inborn talent and high intelligence, combined with good work ethic. You have to be able to carry your own weight, think critically, and contribute in some way with your talents to us in the same way we would to you.

We’re not here to save the world; we’re just here to save ourselves. We’re family.

We may make individual invitations to join every once in a while. However, don’t expect us to be knocking on any doors proselytizing our culture; we don’t want anything from you.

Though, we thank you for your time and attention. If you ever want to participate in any public discussion with our content, that’s great; we appreciate you. We also thank you very much if you support any of our fundraisers. Though, it’s important to note that none of that kind of participation from anyone is needed.

We don’t need to be acknowledged, either. We would like to be, of course; however, we know that some will and some won’t, much in the same way that some acknowledge Taiwan’s declaration of cultural independence from China, while others don’t.

We’re just a small group of friends with abnormal talents, and similar backgrounds who are just tired of being misrepresented by African-American leaders we didn’t elect to speak for us. We’re also tired of mainstream African-American ways of thought and want our own cultural space in which we can just be ourselves without guilt, shame, or apology.

We want no special treatment from anyone; that’s the point.

We already have everything we need to live a peaceful and successful life. Not everyone is going to like what we’re doing to advance ourselves, and that’s okay.

One day, we’ll likely perish. This is because of our lack of agenda to grow in size. Meanwhile, our children may choose not to carry on our traditions; that’s their right. We’re not here to force anything on anyone, especially not our kids if the point is to repair our families, rather than continue a cycle of dysfunction.

Meanwhile, because of how much information we present on this website, our culture can be rebuilt if we perish, as well. It would just take someone brave enough to pick the traditions and philosophy back up.

In any event, we’re satisfied in having tried. We handful of people of the first generation did this for ourselves, and ourselves only.

It’s up to both the world and our children to determine if our culture deserves to continue existing into the future. We hope to earn that right by just being overall good people who contribute to society. Establishing our own psychological platform helps us do that.

This is because the concept of rebuilding a culture to call our own, within which we can become whom we really want to be, away from the opinions of our prior culture(s), gives us a sense of responsibility, hope, and purpose that eases conflict within ourselves.

That lack of internal conflict helps us focus, gives us genuine confidence, and helps us to become higher-functioning and compatible members of society, as well as better spouses, and parents.