Our Families

Traditional Vannoken culture takes the Peaceful Parenting approach with the Non-Aggression Principle.

This means that traditional parents believe in neither hitting, nor isolating their children. Meanwhile, we plan our families with K-reproduction strategies. This means we match the number of children we produce or adopt to available resources, and no more. Vannoken children are typically educated in private schools. Or, parents homeschool their children by a Finnish curriculum.

Traditional marriages are monogamous and heterosexual. Cheating, by either party, is highly discouraged. The husband is usually the head of the household. However, finance handling is private and up to the individual couple.

Vannoken families often form household businesses. Each member of the family has the choice to contribute to the business upon becoming of legal age.

The culture encourages the head of each house to develop a goal that unites and benefits the family. A unifying goal helps prevent the family from becoming divided by small arguments. This is so that the family has a continual bigger picture to focus on.