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Jórmajin (The First Vannoken Holiday)

Jórmajin (pronounced “Yor-mah-yin” with a rolling “r”) is the very first official Vannoken holiday. It’s not tied or particular to any religion; it is simply a cultural celebration of imagination. Imagination for simply what it is. When one observes the claim “celebration of imagination,” you can think of it as a kind of Vannoken Halloween; though, the narrative of the…

The Vannoken Lízho (A “Vortex” poem)

This poem is called “Tsúngmaiba.” (Translation: “It’s alright.”) It is the first poem that’s definitely to be turned into a Vannoken folk song. There is a very unique mathematical structure to it that some may recognize. If you’re looking for a mathematical challenge, try to figure out what it is before reading beyond the poem itself, because I reveal it…

Rebuilding Our Culture With Signet Rings

I need the advice of conservative parents again, as I actively rebuild my culture. I’m planning the coming-of-age trials for my children. Can you share your thoughts on it? My wife and I are having custom signet rings made with our redesigned family coat of arms. Symbols can unite entire nations at the macro-level. They resemble philosophies at the foundation…

Vannoken Terminology For States Of Identity

“Léifouȑin” — (noun) the Vannoken term for a mixed child with an unstable identity who is lost between the worlds of their blood and parents. They are made psychologically vulnerable and not strong enough to leave the maternal realm of left-wing communistic programming. Léifourin are mixed kids that either surrender to only one side of their heritage for acceptance (i.e….