So, just like it says on our cultural website site, we’re a libertarian meritocratic republic who started with just a handful of families. Though, our official cultural land is in Alaska, our families are scattered all over the world and throughout America, and because our population is so small, re-elections can be easily handled with just a private but tribal-wide Facebook DM.

but tribal-wide Facebook DM.

We keep everything private for the comfort and privacy of the members. Like I’ve said in earlier videos, the number 1 person who should take the most risk is the leader, which is me. Let me be the one to be made fun of, to take the most risk of hate crimes, to go through the initial baptizing of public scrutiny as we build ourselves and grow up until a certain point.

So, needless to say, I got re-elected lolol. So, while the members don’t always agree with all of my opinions and ideas, the general consensus is that they like the overall direction I’m taking us.

One of us doesn’t like the fact that our official land is in Alaska; he says Alaska’s too cold for him, while there’s little market demand from a real estate business perspective to make much money easily.

Another loves the idea; though, he’s already settled in a different part of America that’s like Alaska.

But despite these little grievances, we function. We’re a family. And, half-jokingly speaking, I’m the most suicidal of us to stick his neck out there to do this legally and ethically correct in alignment with American values.

Right, because it’s not that we’re secret; it’s just that we’re small. We mean well. But there are a lot of people in the world who may want to hurt us. So, to do this right…one of us has to step in front of the tank, so to speak.

What I hope to demonstrate with my actions, despite the cringe of humble beginnings, is a way out of the victim mentality, for both minorities and whites from broken homes.

Now, one could argue that all they need is something like Christianity; though, this is not entirely true. I theorize this because we can look to the harrowing statistics coming from the mainstream African-American community, while observing at the same time that most of them are, in fact, Christians.

While I believe the Bible has functioned extremely well and continues to function extremely well for many families in America, I think we should take into consideration that because there are so many different ways to interpret the Bible there’s a missing element, particularly in the African-American community, pertaining to personal responsibility and self-determination.

For instance, how many people say “Oh, just leave it in God’s hands. God knows the way.”

And to that, I wouldn’t even argue; God does indeed know the way, but Him knowing the way doesn’t mean that one has the psychology to help themselves in that direction that God does know to be correct.

It’s easy to be a Christian victim, for instance. Many African-Americans are. They’re Christians, but they’re still victims. That’s part of how black people warp the Bible to say that whites are devils, for instance.  

I’m not even Christian, nor am I claiming to know any given way other than a method for helping oneself repair familial damage with creativity and willpower.

For instance, there’s nothing in The Bible that says you can’t create your own clay bowl, a bowl that you eat out of, for instance, and then paint that bowl in your own style and give that style a name. Transfer that name to other elements of art that your family and friends share for different things, and that’s what you can call a culture.

You didn’t violate any aspect of The Bible in the process. What you did do was take responsibility for making your environment beautiful. You helped yourself by saying, yes, let me work on developing a better language. Let me think about how my tribe and I can eat healthier foods, or come up with new traditions that solve modern problems that ancient peoples didn’t have to face back in their day.

For instance, if I didn’t have the psychological foundation that we’ve built with Vannoken culture, then I wouldn’t have the same willpower to study physics at York or music theory at Berklee. I’m not studying at Berklee, yet, but they have a musical theory certification program that I fully intend on enrolling into to see what I can do to revolutionize the music we listen to into something more positive using different scales and tones with the new poetry styles I’ve invented that are featured on the site.

All of these things are different variables we can help ourselves with to create regardless of what our religion is or isn’t.

So, that’s basically what my message is: forgiveness of the past and help yourself.

You don’t need to join my tribe; you can start your own with your friends and family. Come up with your own ideas. Come up with your own art and poetry and make your environment a bit more beautiful than it was before. Be brave enough to go through the awkwardness and danger necessary to take responsibility for the wellbeing, reputation, and safety of the people you love most.