The following was originally a Facebook post, published on July 20, 2019. It reflects the overall view of the Vannoken tribe in re-establishing our psychological platform.

Someone asked me if I thought I could accomplish more if I was white. My answer is no.
If I was white, I’d have been slandered and written off by the public as a racist white supremacist, instead of simply an individual with critical thinking abilities who’s simply not ashamed to be who he is.
That would have played directly into my self-destruction, even if I had never harmed anyone, or, in general, did done nothing to deserve it.
My European ancestors, in one way or another, fought against other European ancestors in the civil war who wanted to keep me enslaved. You could argue that the civil war wasn’t fully about slavery, but they still risked life and limb to give shelter to my black and other non-white ancestors (such as the Chinese who helped to build the railroads).
They knew it was going to be culturally rough for an unknown amount of generations before a mental barrier was broken in their non-white progeny. They had no proof; they only had *faith* that when that mental barrier was *finally* broken that people like me would forgive the past and not want to turn against them in vengeance.
It was a coin toss, based on faith in humanity. The whites who didn’t believe it was possible were the ones who wanted mixed kids like me murdered.
In that faith, those whites voted against other whites to leave me an inheritance of programs and assistance that would act as a step-ladder for my success.
It wasn’t just the doing of blacks; their population was too small to make such a difference on their own in our voting system.
Thankfully, I didn’t even need to use those. For instance, I chose my college path based on what I could do to avoid Affirmative Action. But I totally understand those white ancestors’ thought processes in wanting to maximize the chances of my success *now* that they prepared for *then*.
I *understand* how they were thinking ahead, even though other whites didn’t like them.
But they over-prepared. We didn’t need that much. We just needed to forgive the past, let go of Jim Crowian politics, and apply a more even manner of critical thinking with the right emotional fuel. In their defense, they didn’t know the Internet was going to be invented.
That invention, also a gift by whites who sought to develop a militaristic means to ensure my protection and enable my edification, was more than enough for me to lift myself out of my own destitution.
I just needed to remain focused.
So, with Vannoken culture, it would just be a disservice to them not to preserve elements of European cultures, even though we’re physically different. Because it’s not about the color of our skin, but the contents of our characters, right?
Why would I want their legacy to be forgotten? Their kindness? Their risks? Their sacrifices?
Unacknowledged, because it’s easier to group them all into the same category as some “evil” race of people.
No way.
And why would I want to still demonstrate that I have not overcome my mental barrier by not acting like an equal, and purport that if I was white I would have accomplished more?
That’d be simply untrue.
So, I thank their memory with what I’m doing. And I wouldn’t let their spirits believe that they failed by me answering that question in any other way.
They didn’t fail, and they weren’t wrong; they succeeded with flying colors.