The narrative of the Vannoken tribe should be very clear, for it’s stated explicitly, in different ways, throughout this website. In a nutshell, it’s this: Quality development of character over quantity for reproduction with a K-strategy (not an R-) in a way that is compatible with western civilization and gives back to it from the uniqueness that we keep of our overall cultural character throughout the process of completing integration.

The original members (myself, included) are the unwitting products of miscegenation; we didn’t do this to ourselves. We didn’t choose to be here; yet, now that we are here, and have stabilized our identities with the declaration of cultural independence (in contrast with so many who have not), we’re not going to kill ourselves simply to make other people happy or comfortable. Yet, at the same time, that doesn’t mean that we can’t develop the self-awareness necessary to understand the complexity of the political issue and simply act with the best intent in mind as we develop.

There are people, such as an organization in Sweden (at the time this post was written), that push propaganda that encourages mass interracial dating. However, none of that is coming from us.

We’re with who we’re with as mates because we’re simply compatible and brave enough to make a public stand for who we are and what we believe in (such as acknowledging that the legality of Jim Crowian politics doesn’t actually exist anymore), without yielding an inch in the face of adversity (such as with name-calling) simply because we may make some people insecure on either side of the political spectrum.

We’d also like the opportunity to pick ourselves up, without any government assistance that we didn’t earn (in contrast with something like the GI Bill, which all of the founding members have earned), and go our own way.

Part of the reason why cultural independence is necessary is because there are other minorities of America who share neither our views nor our ability to pick ourselves up by sheer talent and willpower.

…And that’s okay. Everybody’s different; we respect that. But respecting that also means that it’s immoral to pretend like we can’t pick ourselves up simply because other people can’t, for either a lack of personal ability for one reason or another (such as general intelligence) or for a want of courage.

Basically, all we want is our own cultural space to honor our varying ancestors (including, but not limited to, the European) in our own way without enforcing ourselves or our beliefs on other people. People like us got tired of being made fun of by unempathetic blacks and whites in America, without actually hating either one. The extremes of either side of the political spectrum are horrible, and reflect each other.

We united, and here we are.

We’re developing our own language, technology (such as why I’m a physicist), traditions, etc. on our own lands, away from other people, particularly common thinkers of the black community who write us off as “Uncle Toms,” without critical thought to how beneficial a boon we could actually be to any civilization people like us side with.

As we grow and develop, maybe we can help bolster western civilization with a new invention or two. Maybe new music people like. Maybe defend a western country in a war or two.

But, in no way, shape, or form would we recommend our way of thinking or existing for everyone.

Not roughly 98% of the time…no.