I responded to this question on Quora as a Vannoken:

Would you rather be born white or black, be honest?

Here is a copy of my response:

My first inclination was to say “white,” but then I took a moment to pause and reflect on Bruce Lee’s quote: “Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”
That is not to say that it’s easy to be white; in fact, nowadays, it’s becoming harder and harder to be white, especially if you’re a heterosexual white male.
Being born black, you typically face two major downsides: A low IQ which greatly inhibits you in multiple areas of life, and the congregated generational snowball of a bad international reputation.
Being born white, if life’s any easier for you, it’s not simply because one is “white” alone, more than it is attributes attributed to being so, such as a typically higher IQ and a congregated generational snowball of a better international reputation.
And that reputation is well-earned: How many wars have Europeans won (against non-Europeans and against themselves)? How many world-changing inventions?
Every major racial group has had their accomplishments (blacks included), but let’s be honest about the invention of the Internet, cars, planes, computers, the harnessing of electricity itself, democratic republics and freedom of speech, the cures to how many different diseases, the universal abolishment of slavery…I mean…the list goes on and on.
Meanwhile, blacks tend to lack the cultural innovative traits at the individual level that would contribute to society in much the same way. Blacks are typically known for sports, catchy music, and killing each other.
Both sports and music are forms of entertainment…while rap music often combines the concept of entertainment with killing each other…so, we’re essentially the entertainers of the other racial groups of the world.
Because of this, we’re not known and/or respected in the same way whites are, and there are lots of understandable (though, controversial) scientific reasons for this.
There are very few existential exceptions to that figurative rule, such as myself, which is why I don’t get angry when I’m stereotyped.
It’s natural, human inductive reasoning: If 99 out of 100 blacks a person encounters or sees in the media acts a certain way, it’s hard for me to get angry if I’m doubted as being the 1 that breaks that pattern.
I get it. And so do many other blacks who break the pattern as well.
Though, you won’t typically see us in the media as often because we break that mold. Get it?
So, I have the same culturally competitive attributes as any other high IQ white or Asian person would, as a genetic outlier. This is probably because I’m not totally black; I’m mixed-race, which is arguably an ethnic category of its own if we’re to give a critical analysis of what makes me what and who I am.
Most of us in the world are mixed with something to some degree; so, my point is referring to my individual attributes as an individual, pertaining to my specific mix, without regard for Jim Crowian politics.
So, when one asks me if I’d rather be born white or black…
…while I seek more of a challenge for a more fulfilling life?
My question to you, for clarification, would be this: How white? or How black? What genetic percentages with what varying attributes?
…Thus, I’d rather be born a typical white person than a typical black person…
…but I’d much rather be born a high IQ, black-dominant mixed-race person than a typical white person… any day…because I carry the burden of international reputation that other typical blacks do…but with virtually none of the individual traits that make it true in my case, which makes for a veryfulfilling life challenge which aids in growing my character immensely in a very unique way that I appreciate.

Mixed kids of the white/black parent type typically have an IQ in between each parent, most often below the white parent but above the black parent; I was born with an IQ above both who developed a stable personality by declaring cultural independence.
Here’s my hierarchy of preference:
Black person, enhanced by white (or other ethnic) blood
Typical white person
Typical black person
In that order, with “typical” referring to North American statistical averages.
So, basically, I’d rather be born exactly what I am, without discounting the white blood in me.

I’d much rather be a Vannoken, than anything else in the world.

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