Okay, so, here’s a diagram for the upcoming strategy for opening our lands to “immigration.”

Staying true to total transparency, while deliberately leaving steps behind for others who are brave enough to recreate if something bad happens to me/us.

In the course materials there’ll be the basics of the language they can learn, a short overview of the basics of business and economics, an overview of our developing cultural traditions, the key historical figures that inspired this (e.g. Alexander the Great, Miyamoto Musashi, Plato, Aristotle, etc.), American history, and general knowledge about the culture.

They’ll take a test after they’re studying through the materials, and only a top percentage of people will be accepted every year. This means you could pass the test, but ultimately still not be accepted, and may have to wait until next year to retest for a more competitive chance for acceptance.

After the test is passed, then begins a very thorough process of background checking (FBI and credit). Having a prior crime doesn’t necessarily disqualify you; it’s a case-by-case scenario. There are certain crimes we care about, and others we don’t.

And we’re also going to be looking for proof of emergency funds. We want to make sure that you have at least $20,000 in the bank or some kind of liquid stock account to make sure that you have all of the funds you need to leave if things don’t work out.

Preference will be given to military veterans. This means that if you end up in the final qualification stages and you’re a verifiable military veteran going up against a civilian with the same score for acceptance…we’re going to choose the veteran.

Meanwhile, we expect a certain percentage of people to also become disqualified at this stage. When this will inevitably happen to at least some people, they won’t be kicked out entirely; they’ll just have to wait another year to re-test. Examples include not having their credit squared away; maybe they need to wait an extra several months or something for a credit lock or for a delinquent payment from 6 years ago to drop off on the 7th year.

Then, once they make it through all of the checks, the final stage is making sure they have a viable business plan for self-employment.

If they can develop a business plan to do that (which they should already have as a part of going through the course itself), they can begin the moving process that we’ll help them with to live on the lands.