After studying some of Hemingway’s writing theory, I’ve come up with the format of the first Vannoken poetry.

8 A — Sense
16 A — Analogy
18 B — Sense
26 B — Analogy 2
5 E — Sense 5; expression
14 F — Emotion 1; expression
14 F — Action
15 E — Sense 5; analogy 1
8 C — Sense 36 C — Analogy
38 D — Sense
46 D — Analogy 4
5 E — Sense 5; expression 1 or 2
4 F — Emotion 1; expression 2
4 F — Action 1 or 2
5 E — Sense 5; analogy 2

The goal is to bridge the communicative disconnect with the reader/listener, who is likely of a different race, and is not the poet. My approach is to hit the five senses (touch, taste, etc.). The poet can choose the order of the senses to represent and how in the poem.

Though, the fifth sense is the strongest. It could be a particular smell. It could be a particular sight. That’s why it repeats twice, besides the other senses.

The analogy tied to the senses should be based on the target audience’s realm of understanding. This bridges the communicative gap.

Then, to express the strongest emotion one feels from that sense, expressed in two ways. It must be the same emotion in both parts of the poem.

Then an action tied to those five sense and that emotion. It can be one action expressed two times, or two actions expressed one time each.

It’s to give the reader/listener a visceral experience, the transferral of a memory. Imagine if you were at Auschwitz and you recorded your experience using Vannoken poetry? Imagine if you were an American WWII soldier?

But it can also be used to transfer a positive experience, too.

Any experience.

Then, it’s the listener’s freedom to determine what to make of the memory recorded as they experience it in a vicarious way through the poetry.

The concept of quatrains and doublets are not original; the rules of *how* are.

Each number represents the maximum amount of syllables permitted for the expression of the line. Each letter represents a rhyme.

I’ll use this to experiment with the first cultural songs.

Vannoken music is going to be beautiful, visceral, and disciplined. I meant what I said when I said it was going to be radically different from mainstream rap and pop. It’s not meant to be liked by everyone.

This is our culture. We’re rebuilding it *our* way.

The restrictions are deliberate. It’s going to make for an interesting challenge to fit what one wants to say in Vanno for each line. I clipped each line just short of what would make the average speaker comfortable, so we can use the poetry to develop new ways of expressing ourselves as we master our own language.