I need the advice of conservative parents again, as I actively rebuild my culture.

I’m planning the coming-of-age trials for my children. Can you share your thoughts on it?

My wife and I are having custom signet rings made with our redesigned family coat of arms. Symbols can unite entire nations at the macro-level. They resemble philosophies at the foundation of strong, united nations.
However, a household is the building block of a nation. Therein, we shouldn’t have let go of the individual symbols that unite houses. We used to have them, such as in ancient England.

This is a key reason why malevolent dictators can sway masses of people from broken homes. Almost all the notorious dictators throughout history, from Rome’s to Germany’s, rose during the low point of their respective civilizations.

It was during post-war times. There were single-mothered homes made so by husbands killed in battle. The symbols and the philosophies those symbols represented became seen as no longer needed.

The psychographic dynamics shifted to taxed individual to government. Not individual, to house, to government.
It’s like what George Martin famously wrote: “Chaos is a ladder.” It’s when the houses are disorganized and broken that the dictators can rise over the people’s confusion and distraction.

Meanwhile, there is a reason why the layer of family, between the individual and the government, is critical. It’s critical to restrengthen a boundary protecting individual thought.

Governments can change on a whim in ways impersonal to their native peoples. They can change due to the thoughts of people you don’t know or have any connection with.

These changes oft occur in baby steps over generations, while the people are distracted by their family dysfunctionality.

Though, when you have a strong house, united by a symbol and philosophy, that in itself acts as a standing litmus test for the government’s level of corruption.

When the government demands that you act in a way that goes against your house that it hadn’t before, you’ll know when it’s time for right rebellion. When it’s time to rebel not in a direct manner, but as a means to protect the integrity of the true self. The government’s not going to act to protect the integrity of your true self. This is because the people running government, as well as other citizens you have no connection with, act in their own self-interest, not yours.

Never yours.

Meanwhile, while the philosophy of a house should also be open to change and evolve over time, the people who would vote for such change would be more than neighbors; they’d be family.

And it’s at that level that the individual’s true thoughts can be heard the loudest before any government ever would. I would listen and consider my son’s individual ideas about life and living far before any senator.

Meanwhile, a unifying symbol founded on a philosophy can play a huge part in circumventing sibling rivalry. If you’re brothers or sisters, you shouldn’t be fighting each other, squabbling. You should remember who you are, where you come from, with respect for who you are as actualizing individuals. Then, use your respective strengths and weaknesses as a team, as a unit, to accomplish what’s right for everyone of your name.

This is so that when I die, they’ll have what they need to guide them. A moral compass with directions on how to repair damages to our family as it inevitably occurs. They’ll have a ring, that they’ve earned through trial and tribulations that were deliberately engineered by me to develop the skills they need for independence in this age. To know that not only are they now respected adults.

They are a part of something bigger than themselves. They have something to keep living for, to keep working together for. A bigger, uniting vision that helps them prioritize what matters in life, rather than bickering over what doesn’t.

They have to pass Vǎȑugoge (at around the age of 16-18 years old) to earn their family ring.

In our house, that means having a certain level of knowledge of self-defense (Vannoken martial arts). Survival skills for the mountains. As well as how to turn whatever their respective talents are into a functioning business (so that they can generate their own wealth on demand), as per our family motto: “Independence through skill.” That motto is going to be written in Vanno on the inside of the ring. Different Vannoken families may have their own.

Do you have any thoughts for how I can accomplish this?

For instance, mountain climbing and survival in Alaska is part of team building exercises. I’m buying extra land in Alaska so that the family (and other Vannokens) will always have it to build their skills. Such as “Get from point A to point B in Alaska, on Vannoken lands, with x, y, and z as tools without electronics, and in a 7-day time limit.”
Another one could be this: “Perform x, y, and z physical exercises and demonstrate x, y, and z martial arts forms.”

While they’re performing the land navigation/survival test, I can hide out in the woods and perform mock-guerrilla warfare on them as part of the test. This will increase the level of challenge to the test, so that they’re not just going through the motions, so to speak.

This guarantees that every. single. Norton. of my line, from here on out, will have a certain level of skill in different areas of their lives that I, as their father, will bestow upon them. As well as every single Norton will have a sense of teamwork they can switch in and out of. To know how to be an individual, and know when to surrender the ego for the sake of a team, as needed, when needed, on a case-by-case scenario.

That’s their cultural heritage that we (my wife and I) have re-established, as well as part of the honor of their family name that we’ve rebuilt.

There will inevitably be Nortons who fail Vǎȑugoge. All this means is that I, as their father, would have to pay extra attention for them to try again. Though, the way I’m parenting my kids is to make it virtually impossible to fail, because I’m teaching them everything they need to know…years before their test even begins.

So, years from now, when people see a Norton (or a different Vannoken of a different house) with their signet rings…they know what that inevitably means for that individual. They wouldn’t have earned the ring if they hadn’t passed the test. And they wouldn’t have passed the test if they lacked certain skills and capabilities.

Do you have any ideas you could offer? Any way you could check my blindsides?