When we were first starting out, as leader, I was given the freedom to choose our homeland. I chose Alaska for both personal and strategic reasons. I’ll start off with the strategic:

The List Of Strategic Reasons:

1. The climate

People hear about arctic weather and high altitudes. Many see that as a problem; I see that as an opportunity for natural protection. We may practice our martial arts in higher altitudes like the Nepalese Gurkhas (like how you can see me teaching martial arts while it’s snowing, in China). They are a tribe of people who are famous for their soldierliness and athletic abilities. I was trained by a Gurkha in Bahrain in my spare time. I believe he was a part of a private security unit contracted by the American government. He accepted me as a mentee. Our schedules matched perfectly. When he was on guard duty, I was off-duty. However, his station on the base gave him a perfect overwatch position. From there, he gave me orders and told me advice on how to push my physical limits. This went on in both the heat and the cold (which supplemented the SEAL training I didn’t finish in California). I absorbed his lessons. Then, I combined them with my other influences. I began to see extreme climates as beneficial for my self-development. They’re beneficial for the physical evolution of my people. They’re not something to run away from. Mountain climbing will also be a cultural tradition. This is to help build the character of the average mainland Vannoken. This would go along with building our sense of teamwork and personal responsibility.

2. Hunting opportunities

While I’m not a trophy hunter, I am indeed the type of hunter that’s all about providing for his family. There a myriad of nutritional benefits to catching the food we eat. This keeps our cost of living extremely low, which helps us to build our generational wealth. Higher altitudes and colder temperatures will lead to an increased need for iron. Iron will help us regulate our body temperatures. This will then have a side effect of enhancing our red blood cells within reason. This, combined with the culturally encouraged physical fitness and excellent nutrition that just comes with our natural lifestyle, combined with our cultural traditions and games that are based on what I’ve taught myself about neuroplasticity from Dr. Marc Prensky’s work, will have a direct and positive effect on the development of our brains at a cellular level.

3. Natural defense against raids

Black Wallstreet didn’t fail; it was destroyed. There are aspects of land in Alaska that make for natural defense. With these, I can plan the defense of my people with the utilization of the respective terrain to start with. The property that we’re starting with isn’t particularly special, but it’s a *start*. With architecture I can design (over time), I can help defend my people if we’re attacked by racial purists.

This is even though we’re not developing a non-white ethno-state.

4. Wealth

When I was in China, I found out how the Chinese developed the food for their entire country off of just 7% of their land. Inspired by the Chinese, I taught myself basic agroforestry. Then, I taugh myself a few different types of wood that can be reproduced on the soil type of our lands. Meanwhile, we can reinvest a percentage of our income into buying more land every year. We can then use that land for farming or corporate property, which then makes even more money. …which I can then reinvest into the bluechip dividend stock, in an almost self-perpetual cycle. There are also lower-priced stocks to consider for the sake of compound growth, but that’s another conversation. In general, though, the basic pattern would be the following:

Stock >> Land >> Company >> and then back to stock.

So, with an initial investment, one asset becomes set to automatically buy another asset. This is then what we need to create another asset. We also have the opportunity to receive the annual dividends from the state oil because of the land we now own in Alaska. So, that can also be part of the portfolio, which adds to the positive cycle of our wealth portfolio.

The List Of Personal Reasons:

  • I always wanted to live in Alaska ever since I played Metal Gear Solid 1 for the PlayStation 1.
  • Native Scandinavians helped to teach me how to handle the cold in a way that I couldn’t when I was younger. Getting in touch with some of my European roots by visiting different areas of Europe (including Iceland) taught me a lot about the benefits of my own European blood. Meanwhile, even though (at the time this post was written) I’d never met Wim Hof, his teachings helped me to take more advantage of those genes as well. Rather than ignore them, and deny their advantages they give me. I can handle both extreme heats and colds; I just prefer the cold. I also got a lot of practice with winter mountain climbing in China.
  • The sheer beauty. Have you seen Alaska? The state, itself, is a painting.

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