The identity crises shared by mixed kids catalyzed the Vannoken philosophy. This is true.

A mixed-race ethno-state would contradict the premise of judging people by the content of their character.

However, the Vannoken colonies are not meant to be mixed-race ethno-states. They’re only meant to prove a political point about MLK’s dream.

For instance, I acknowledge that I don’t actually have to invent my own language. I already speak English. It’s just that Negroid phenotypes are legendary for underdeveloped languages. Meanwhile, Ebonics is just distorted English.

Thus, I decided to invent my own language with advanced elements to it for two reasons:

  1. To prove that it can, indeed, be done
  2. To give my children a linguistic edge in the international business market most others don’t have

I also don’t have to invent my own traditions. America already has plenty of them.

Also, the logic of the Vannoken identity can apply to simply being American. For instance, I don’t have to say that I am an African-American. I can also say that I’m an American with African genes, as well as European (and others).

It’s not about the acceptance of whites; it’s about the pursuit of inner happiness.

You can algebraically swap “Vannoken,” with “American,” and the logic would apply in the same way. It’s the same algebraic equation that I noticed within the framework of the English language and how that influences our perception of reality. There are patterns within patterns that most people don’t notice.

For instance, you can have a black-dominant American, and a white-dominant American. This is the same as saying a “black-dominant” Vannoken and a “white-dominant” Vannoken.

The only difference is in that we chose to invent a word for the social experiment. This is so that I/we can create traditions in our own vacuum that aren’t officially American.

We’re literally making things up as we go along. We have no shame or will to hide this. In fact, we want to reveal this, because it demonstrates how one really can rebuild a culture.

What I am demonstrating to the world is that we have so many more options we can explore. That blacks do, indeed, have a choice, and, no, we’re not oppressed. Most black Americans can stand on their own two feet whenever they want.

They just have to switch their mental operating systems, and they have to let go of the past. They don’t have to have super high IQs; they just need better contents of character to get anywhere.

Meanwhile, I don’t actually care about anything more than content of character. That’s what we’re building our society on, not the color of anyone’s skin. In any civilization like this, intermixing of phenotypes is bound to happen. Though, that’s not the focus, and mixed people (like myself) are likely to stay the minority of the population in a genetic free-market created by a fully integrated free society.

The real goal is just integration while maintaining a little cultural individuality. To complete integration, I have to let go of past cultural elements of character. The process of doing so leaves holes. These holes can be filled with anything; I just decided to invent my own stuff because I could. And there are evolutionarily advantageous benefits to doing so.

That’s why Vannokens can live anywhere. They don’t have to live on the colony, because the real focus is in exercising American freedom. Meanwhile, non-Vannokens can also live on Vannoken lands (with a proper pseudo-immigration process, of course).

Besides setting my children up for success, I’m really not trying to do anything but prove a point.

Black people have terrible languages? Vanno is one of the most advanced languages in the world.

Black people have dirty living spaces? Vannoken lands will be one of the cleanest, in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.

Black people can’t lead a functioning government? They have to be socialists? Wrong again! That’s the reason why I set up the governing style of the tribe the way that it is. It was deliberately engineered to mirror America. It was not an accident that I worded our declaration of independence the way that I did.

It’s an America, within an America.

Black people can’t survive in the international free-market? I’ve literally traveled the world while doing so.

I could go on.

I’m an American before I’m a Vannoken. I’m just sending out a different cultural signal to the world about possibilities. What everyone thinks is impossible, actually isn’t.

African-Americans, in general, aren’t oppressed during this day and age; they just need better contents of character. Meanwhile, it’s mindblowing for some to face the harsh reality that in a world based on MLK’s dream of judging people by the contents of their characters, many black people themselves would be found unworthy.

Vannoken culture is a culture based on the content of people’s character. As a byproduct, some interracial mixing may occur. Though, this is not the focus. People who are monoracial are perfectly allowed in the tribe. My own wife is monoracial.

If and when intermixing does happen, though, the Vannoken philosophy helps the mixed child stablize their identity. This keeps our “America” functioning and harmonious, even as it occurs.

That is all.