There are four tiers of success to the development of the Vannoken tribe. We’re currently at tier 3.

What we’d like to do is colonize a segment of private land in Alaska with at least three families. There are already at least three families in the Vannoken tribe. However, they’ve pre-established their livelihoods outside of Alaska. This was before the tribe had made it as far as we have.

This means there’s room for at least another two families who’d like to live in Alaska. Here are the current action steps for getting that to happen:

  1. The leader should legally buy plots of land out of his/her own pocket. Then, build some form of first-world, fully-accommodated housing on each respective plot. This means that the leader should already have all basic amenities installed. This includes hot running water, electricity, and the Internet. Fitting Alaska’s environment, this may be a nice log cabin.
  2. Expand the renown and social media following of the tribe via the Internet.
  3. Create a free, but closed, online test about Vannoken culture. The test would be about all the public content released on the website.
  4. Select and or develop psychological testing methods. For instance, there are the MBTI, political leaning tests, criminal background checks, and credit checks. This would be to maximize the chances of cultural compatibility and safety. All candidates should have sound family and friend connections. This requires five years of public social media activity proving they have a social life. If they’re not on social media much, then they should at least have pictures, contact information, etc. proving that they’re not socially isolated. They should have backup funds if things don’t work out and they need to move back home. The new prospect must have an average or higher credit score, without any debt-to-income ratio considered too large. They must also have a clean criminal background, never having been convicted of any crimes. Or, if you have been convicted of a crime, we’ll consider the case-by-case scenario of your case: what you were convicted for and why.
  5. Privately select people from our social media following. Invite them to take the test. Their engagement with our content would make them more noticeable. How they engage with us (as well as how they don’t) will reveal something of the content of their character.
  6. Upon passing the test with a certain minimum grade, give them a test for their content of character. This test should be based on some kind of challenging, though legal, accomplishment. For one instance, a challenge could be to win some kind of an award for entrepreneurship. Each challenge would be custom to the person’s individual strengths, weaknesses, and skills.
  7. Ensure that the candidate has a sound entrepreneurial idea for self-employment. The Vannoken leader can/will be their partner and financial investor. Part of the leader’s responsibility is to provide marketing advice as a part of their board.
  8. Move the candidate to a private Vannoken online group. This is so that they can engage with other Vannokens. Everyone can get to know each other. The candidate must remain in this group for one full year before moving forward.
  9. The tribe must hold a vote to determine if the candidate should progress onto the land.
  10. If the tribe votes “yes” by the majority, the candidate is marked into the genealogical records of the tribe. From that point forward, they’re considered Vannoken. They’re granted permission to live on the land in a house of their choosing. Both the house and land becomes mortgaged to them, with the tribe leader as the landlord. The new tribe member must pay for their own transportation to Alaska.
  11. The new tribe member is given a discounted mortgage for two years. This is to reduce the overhead costs of their entrepreneurial idea. The point is to maximize their chances of success. Two years is the average time it takes for a business to make a profit.
  12. The new tribe member has two years to prove profitable returns with their business. Throughout this time, they may choose to learn the Vannoken language.
  13. Once the Vannoken proves profit with their business, their mortgage discount is removed. This is because they’ve proven they can stand on their own two feet. Once the new Vannoken completely pays off their mortgage to the leader, both the land and house is permanently their own.

***In the event that the new Vannoken fails to develop a profitable business in two years, they may be evicted. This is why it’s critical that the new prospect has friends and family back home that they stay in contact with. If the Vannoken fails, they are still considered a part of the tribe. However, they will not be permitted to continue using tribal resources for their entrepreneurship.

This strategy is open to change with constructive criticism from the public.

There is a distinct look and cultural character to a Vannoken colony we’re striving for. They should look like something akin to more peaceful and clean Silicon Vallies.

Through this strategy, every single new Vannoken on the land will be an entrepreneur with a clean background and social life. If every new Vannoken is an entrepreneur, then the success rate could only mean turning Vannoken lands into technologically advanced, clean, suburban first-world towns. Regular maintenance and cleaning of Vannoken properties will likely be privatized.