Something new that my culture is bringing to the table is inorganic development. By this, I mean the willful, deliberate effort to enrich one’s own culture. Historically, western civilization has been more or less divided into two groups:

  • Creatives
  • Industrialists

Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks on this at length in his lectures. In a nutshell, creatives challenge order; industrialists maintain it. That is the typical pull from left- to right-wing politics.

Right-wingers tend to be about form, structure, and tradition. To them, everything has a box, a set place.
Left-wingers tend to be about creativity, fluidity, and questioning tradition. To them, it’s good to think out of the box, to challenge labels and placing.

If you have a country filled with nothing but right-wingers, there develops too much order. Human freedom becomes restricted. The civilization stagnates in character; this can lead to its downfall.

If you have a country filled with nothing but left-wingers, there is not enough order. A complete lack of structure leads to the stagnation of solid platforms for progress to stand on. This can also lead to its downfall.

At least, this is the layman’s understanding. Of course, there are tons of ways you can dissect this.

What I noticed is that countries, like Sweden, have what are called cultural offices. However, the main focus of these offices have been the preservation of culture. The holding of artifacts and knowledge of their histories.
While this is wonderful, these offices pertain to a culture’s past. Not so much its future in a direct sense.
Keeping this in mind, let’s observe the international market of ideas. Philosophers wage war through public discourse for ways of thinking.

That’s the connotative difference between debating someone and discussing an issue with them. To debate someone implies victory and defeat.

A psychographic group is a segmentation of a population based on their way of thinking.

So, what cultural office is there that serves the purpose of inventing cultural ideas? To willfully drive a culture forward?

Historically, creatives have challenged traditional ways of thinking. After a certain amount of tumult that they cause, there is a settlement. That settlement becomes a brick in the solid pillars that form a culture. This means that, despite bickering, both left- and right-wingers help each other.

They form a somewhat symbiotic relationship with each other throughout history. From the bird’s eye view of their push and pull, you see the evolution or devolution of a society.

Which one depends on the balance between the two. This a natural process, what I call the “organic development,” or the “organic advancement” of cultural evolution.

Vannoken culture has a distinct cultural evolutionary advantage in this regard. This advantage comes through hyper-personal responsibility.

For anyone to willfully say “I’m going to work on improving my language on the weekends,” is to take responsibility for one’s own culture’s evolution. One can also say, “I’m going to observe the problems in my household and develop solutions for them. Then, I’m going to willfully turn those solutions into traditions to pass on.”

This is to improve a culture’s fitness.

It’s like going to the gym on the weekends to improve one’s physical fitness. You’d be taking responsibility for improving your cultural fitness in the same manner.

There is no office in Sweden that does that. Or, really, in any country in particular. That’s something very unique about Vannoken culture. The idea comes from a man who looked at the painful truth about African history.
For instance, it’s recorded that the sub-saharans had a simple, primal language. To a Vannoken, that’s to say that the sub-saharans were culturally unfit. They needed to go to the philosophical gym to build those intellectual muscles.

Now, of course, there’s understandable evolutionary reason for why this is. So, this is not meant to disrespect the sub-saharans. It’s simply to analogize a way of thinking.

In Vannoken culture, we acknowledge two forms of cultural advancement: organic and inorganic.
Organic advancement pertains to the natural push and pull between the left and right wings. Inorganic advancement pertains to the willful effort put into critiquing one’s own culture. Then, developing solutions for those critiques that you therein develop into cultural structure.

This is why we welcome constructive criticism from outside the culture. It is in the criticism that we highlight our cultural problems. Then, the process of developing solutions for those problems enhances our cultural fitness.
This gives us a distinct evolutionary advantage within western civilization, carrying on into the future.

What are your thoughts? Any questions? Help us improve our cultural fitness by sharing this around to help us gain constructive criticism by other people’s comments.