Naturally, there was a YouTube comment from what seems to be an African-American, disliking the direction I’ve taken with the Vannoken tribe. The text is long, I’ve included a screenshot of the person’s questions, while copy/pasting the full text from my response here. It was too much text to include in one screenshot.

This is what started the conversation. The person read this comment I wrote to another person.

Then, they responded with this:

Here was my response:

​@Herbal Shaman I’m going to address your comment in sections. This is not disrespect; it’s meant to demonstrate that I really listened to you. This will also be my only comment to you, because I have many others to get to, as you can see. So, don’t take it personally if I don’t parry and joust with you in social media comments.

“Wait you have to credit work that isn’t your own at the academic level but culturally it doesn’t matter who pioneered the concept? Why then are we told the Greeks are the origin of intellectual concepts that predate them?”

Very well. Let credit for Vannoken culture go to the whites, then. If you want to pigeon hole me? Then, let it go to them. I learned the most from them, anyway, and I don’t care what you (or other blacks, in general) think of me. If I did, why would I have declared “cultural independence,” to begin with?

“Can you define African American culture?”

Sure. In my own words, African-American culture is an Indo-European culture of conquered Negroid-dominant people that breaks off into different subcultures, classified as such for the deliberate intent to separate itself as distinct from European cultures.

“Do you know what ethnocide is?”

Yes. Oxford English Dictionary defines “ethnocide” as “the deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group.”

“You do realize any attempts at community or wealth building are systemically subverted.”

Fascinating that I’ve made it as far as I have, then. Has it happened in the past? Sure. But the fault is blacks’ for failing. The way of responsibility is the way of the powerful, not the way of victimhood.

“A white man has the same chances of being hired as a black person with no record and a high school or college education.”

Absolutely true, and it should be that way. The European cultures have earned generations of victories in war, and have contributed most of the most significant advances to human civilization. Both the computer you’re using, the Internet you’re surfing, and social media channel you’re commenting on…all created by white people, or by non-whites who have integrated into European or Indo-European cultures.

If we didn’t want it to be that way, then perhaps it should have been a black man who invented physics. Perhaps, it should have been black people who successfully colonized America.

“They devalue our homes even when they are in good neighborhoods.”

Even if that were true, the market value of anything is based on the principles of economics. Supply and demand. If the international reputation of blacks influences the public opinion of their living areas, then that makes perfect sense why it would be that way, wouldn’t it? No one’s in a rush to move into black areas. Lower demand means lower price.

“That isn’t a law doing that it individuals in aggregate making ensuring that meritocracy doesn’t flourish.”

There doesn’t actually need to be any laws to oppress black people in a Eurocentric meritocracy. While they may be intrinsically equal to whites and Asians, it’s just a sad fact that the average (not all) black person is not instrumentally equal to the averages of other races (outliers excluded). It’s the natural concept of the Pareto distribution. Many blacks can’t face that fact; I can, because it’s precisely a Eurocentric meritocratic society that I thrive the best in, away from the majority of blacks who distract me from exploring my full potential.

“How did you come to your present dissonance?”

By switching from a mindset of victimhood to hyper-personal responsibility and self-actualization.

Thank you. And good day.

Here was the video that caused it all: