It’s amazing.

I’m going through some of these comments on both Facebook and YouTube.

The self-awareness the psychographic group I used to associate with (years ago) lacks is astounding.

Not a single person out of the libertarian or conservative community, not even once so far (to my memory) has implied that I should “stay in my place.”

It’s primarily been an appreciation for what we’re doing, rooting for us. I posted a vote just the other day. There was literally a 100% support rate from both libertarians and conservatives who participated in the polls. There was one contrarian who admitted that he was just being one for the sake of being one, but he actually supported us in reality.

So, that’s 100%.

We’re pulling ourselves up. We’re doing something that’s never been done before. Well…actually, it’s been done before…by every major culture except ours.

But, you get what I’m saying.

Yet, whenever somebody snaps on my page, the main people implying that I should “stay in my place” are the very same people that claim to stand against racism. This is on all of the social media platforms (inc. Twitter, before I deleted and restarted it).

The basic logic is this: “You’re black. What are you doing!? You’re not white! (Or Asian, or whatever).”
That is the Jim Crowian logic, verbatim. It’s the “You’re not x; therefore, be like y, because that’s what I was taught you were supposed to be like. That’s the box you’re supposed to be in. You’re wrong for leaving it.”

I am so ashamed, so utterly ashamed that I had the sides reversed throughout the beginning years of my life. I see where the real racism is, if we’re to approach racism from a philosophy of intrinsically equal value to all life with respect for instrumental differences. No double-standard logic.

I see, now. For someone supposedly so smart, I fully admit how stupid and blind I’ve been.

Over the next ten years, as you can see what we’re planning with your feedback, we’ve got some great cultural things coming. It’s become my life mission now; it’s become my passion to create such value with my culture (from food recipes, philosophy books, technology, etc.) to help give back to western civilization…that we become an example that America and Europe can use to help win debates (both academic and legal) to help maximize human freedom for others.

Use us as a political example. We’re a developing minority group with less representation than the establishment minority groups. Therefore, even by their own double-standard logic of racism and oppression only being able to be inflicted by a bigger group…use us. Please use what we’re doing here to use the left’s own logic against them.
Expose the lies and dehumanization.

Restore balance.

Share this around to spread awareness.