As a black-dominant Vannoken, I have more freedom than even whites do in the country, as an individual.

If a white person said that they’d want to “rebuild” their culture, and start a “post-American tribe,” most of the country would be against them. They’d be slandered as racists for advancing their own people by the power of their will and imagination.

It is the very fact that so much was destroyed of what *would* have been my culture in the past that I have so much imaginative room to create so many new things that so many others can’t. They technically can, but there’d be a much, much harder push against them than there would be against me.

I can say what I want. I can create what I want. So long as I’m not physically harming anyone, I can literally design anything from new cultural clothing to new cultural statues, architecture and technology, food…ANYTHING! πŸ™‚

I just have to hire a consultant for the fields (like architectural design) that I’m not educated in. Then, have them perfect realistic designs. I can draw a rough concept. Then, they can tell me what’s feasible, what’s not, etc. with recommendations based on their professional experience.

The rest, at that point, is just money.

…which is why I’m building my businesses. Which is all good! πŸ˜…β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ƒ

I just had to unlock that mental freedom. When you’ve been broken down to nothing…that’s not a curse; that’s the realm of pure creation. The only limit is your awareness, imagination, personal capability, and willpower.

I can’t possibly support the SJW groups because of what I/we’ve mentally attained.

When I said this, a person who so happened to be Australian lost it in my inbox. A total mental meltdown.

Listen. If you’re not from America, take into consideration the nature of modern mainstream media. Denzel Washington said it best: If you don’t read the news, you’re uninformed; if you do read the news, you’re misinformed.

If blacks were really oppressed in America?

really oppressed?

I’d have been put to death so, so very long ago.

Just one of my posts would have gotten me lynched. Forget the fact that I’m married to a white woman. I would have been castrated and both her and my children would have been put to death.

I’m literally brainstorming the foundations of a new civilization, in real-time, on Facebook, started by mixed-raced kids. 

No. None of this would be able to exist.

No, no, no, no, no…if the mainstream African-American narrative was true, none of this could happen. If you’re not American, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about. Meanwhile, I understand that, from a surface-level observation of voting statistics that millions and millions of people can’t be wrong.

…well…guess what? Ad populum isn’t an argument. And Galileo would agree.

With the exception of individualistic cases, the black experience for most of what’s going on is an internal limitation, not an external, at this point in time.

There’s nothing stopping me from developing new cultural clothing by simply having an imaginative vision, hiring a tailor, and seeing what we can do.

There’s nothing stopping me from keeping my community clean, and I don’t *have* to spray paint on my community walls.

There’s nothing stopping me from repairing (and advancing) my language into something more advanced than any African language of the past.

There’s nothing stopping me from buying land, having kids, redesigning our own (more mentally healthy) music, food, and more…

There’s nothing stopping me from doing any of this but fear and the expectation to ask for permission.

I’m not oppressed. We’re not oppressed. It’s a cultural, genetic, and epigenetic problem at the heart.

The problem is us at this point, not whites.

Allow me to demonstrate.