A Facebooker left an interesting comment that got me thinking. What does success for Vannoken culture look like? What is our endgame, actually? Where are we going?

Sure, we have a clear mission statement. We have objectives with action steps for accomplishing them. But, where is this going to end, exactly? When will we be satisfied?

What is the endgame?

In this post, I’m going to define our endgame with as much specificity as I can muster.

There’s always another hypothetical level to reach. And, to a degree, we’ve already accomplished a certain measure of success. So, it’s best to define our cultural success in levels.

The Endgame

I’ll say it right now: It’s definitely not to secede from America and form our own country. To leave the protection of the military and authorities would be beyond foolish. There’s no reason to try and reinvent the wheel of America that countless have died to bequeath to us.

The endgame is complete integration with western civilization, with our own cultural individuality. That is all. The levels to attaining that as a culture are as follows:

The tiers of a complete, whole ethnic group:

  • The first tier — The individual level — Attain the state of mind we’ve come to call “Káifourin.” This is a term that pertains to the individual’s state of awareness, a kind of enlightenment. This person develops their own language, way of thinking, etc.
  • The second tier — The scalable foundation — There are records of the cultural philosophy for others to understand, learn, and fit. These philosophical records make the written soul of the culture. For example, the Constitution is a cultural document of a scalable foundation for America. The culture is already potentially immortal at this state. With a recorded philosophy, the culture can recover from extinction with new people. You can eradicate the genes of people, but not their way of thinking once it’s recorded. At least, you couldn’t destroy it nearly as easily as simply killing the people. You would have to destroy both the genes and all the core documentation for full eradication.
  • The third tier — The family level — Between one and two solid households of three people (total) started by the first individual. The family, like the individual, makes the first solid block of the culture. It takes more than one person for it to be a culture. One person is an individual. Two people make mere chemistry. But, three people or more make a culture. This can include two people and a child. For example, there is such a thing as the “culture” of a business, or the “culture” of a house.
  • The fourth tier — The full ethnic group level — Three or more households that fit the foundational cultural documentation. A household can count as one, independent adult person. Though, they don’t have to be fluent speakers, or perfect abiders of the cultural documentation/ideology. They don’t necessarily have to live on the official land. This would be the same concept as not every American having to live on American soil.

The tiers can keep going up into a full-fledged country after that point. One with a military, and such. However, I’ll stop the description of this post at tier 4. That’s our endgame. That’s our goal.

Our endgame is to reach tier four. At least three households that speak the language and fit the foundational documentation.

Once tier four is reached, then it’s really just about…well, living. Developing new inventions, participating in history, etc.

There is zero drive or desire to go beyond tier four as a civilization. America is already established as is.

The goal is integration and full compatibility with western civilization. Only, we’d like to maintain our own cultural individuality. This individuality comes in the form of our names, language, traditions, food, and music.

They were once destroyed, or taken from us. However, now they are either repaired, or on their way to being so. They are not the same as they once would have been, considering racial intermixing, war, etc. However, accepting that is part of letting go of the past and evolving into a new state of being.

Because the past is forgiven, we’re already free, and it’s a fresh start, there’s no willpower to go any further than that. Maybe some Vannokens may participate in politics or government in the future. Some may join the military, as I have and the original founding members have. However, that’d be no different than any other American doing the same. We enlisted, served our country, and then received an honorable discharge. Case closed.

That’d be an individualistic thing.

Personally, I would be the most satisfied with proving to the world that it can, actually, be done. And we’re already close as it is. (We’re currently tier 3).


  1. No external/governmental assistance is needed to achieve tier four.
  2. Tier four can theoretically be accomplished in a single generation.
  3. There’s no reason for violence or public disturbance to achieve tier four.

Upon reaching tier four, the tribe may naturally grow to be more than three families. But, there is no drive to grow beyond that. If it happens, it would happen naturally, just from having kids at a 3.1 birth ratio, which may not even happen. Or, it could be through case-by-case scenario invites.

What do you think of these tiers? Can you find holes in my logic and help me strengthen the vision?