“Léifouȑin” — (noun) the Vannoken term for a mixed child with an unstable identity who is lost between the worlds of their blood and parents. They are made psychologically vulnerable and not strong enough to leave the maternal realm of left-wing communistic programming. Léifourin are mixed kids that either surrender to only one side of their heritage for acceptance (i.e. Alicia Keys), or they end up killing themselves (such as what has happened in Japan).

“Káifouȑin” — (noun) the Vannoken term for a mixed child who has stabilized their identity, successfully ventured out of the realm of the maternal and entered the realm of the paternal. Vannokens are “káifouȑin,” in our own language; though, the term can apply to any post-American tribe of the future, should a child of the unions made by the environment of the melting pot grow mentally strong enough to become one.

Káifouȑin begin to develop their own languages, culture, etc. with genuine self-esteem and self-acceptance. Through personal responsibility, courage, and willpower, they take back control of their own evolutionary psychology and undergo the danger and stress of going their own direction in life. Or, they transition into a tribe of the like.

Both terms refer to Freudian states of mind, and levels of self-actualized maturity.