When I die, what I hope to leave behind most of all is an idea and the story of an example.

There is indeed a fight for freedom to be won in America for minorities like me, but it’s not against whites, anymore.

It’s against bygone thinking.

There should be no reason why I should feel like I’m going to cultural battle in almost every conversation with people of my own skin color, simply because I don’t want to follow the 1-Drop Rule way of thinking that we ourselves are responsible for carrying into this day and age.

Those laws don’t exist anymore. They just don’t. Rappers like Jay-Z make their millions by publishing songs like “The Story of OJ” with lyrics that make the black people who listen to it reject a crucial and critical part of themselves with black identitarian collectivism.

I don’t want to surrender to black collectivism with pop idols as my overlord, controlling me via lyrics that hit on (what used to be) my lack of self-esteem and fear to be who I truly am as an individual. I’m not a Xenomorph drone and neither are people like Jay-Z my Queen alien, controlling me via psi-connection for the leftists like the KKK-mentored Hillary he supported. Meanwhile, I’m not about expanding the government to limit everyone else’s freedom because I’m afraid of standing on my own two feet.

Even the pro-blacks who love to boast about Malcolm-X seem to leave out the inconvenient fact (for them) that Malcolm evolved to *support* MLK before he was assassinated…by other black people!

I like having my own thoughts. I like honoring all of my ancestors. I like being a whole person.

Why? Because it’s right to. That’s exactly what blacks marched in the streets for, took hoses and attack dogs for, 70 years ago.

I want to unite with my fellow Americans (and Europeans, depending on context) by the flag, and integrate. I want to complete the integration process through the power of personal responsibility, and create and build a cultural space for myself in western civilization. Then, work hard to contribute to society with inventions, philosophical ideas, etc.

Why? Because that’s exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. And it breaks my heart every time I have to ban an African-American from my Facebook page, who doesn’t value fact-based criticism.

Yes, I will defend my European ancestors. I don’t care if whites accept me. I don’t care who calls me an Uncle Tom, or what. It’s not about anyone’s acceptance of me but me. And as a byproduct of that, may my wife and children rest easy knowing that they can be themselves with pride and self-esteem in the house without having to feel ashamed for being born.

That’s evil to me.