The anti-white communistic agenda ends with the invention of my culture.

Think about it:

The only way for Hoteps, the liberal push for mass race-mixing, etc. to work is with the continuation of the 1-drop rule (which no longer exists in my culture, nor in American law). The plan has been basically to breed with as many white people as possible, then convince the mixed kids to adhere to the 1-drop rule way of thinking, which destroys bloodlines.

In a sense, whites did invent that rule. However, they also took it away. Years ago.

So, the moment anyone tries to stop me, my children, my tribe members, or their children, from honoring their non-black heritage (including, but not limited to, European) is the moment they become the oppressors. They become the hate groups against a minority group.

Especially if they initiate any kind of physical force to do so.

You can’t expect me to respect a Hotep who rants against anyone with “Neanderthal” blood as sub-humans, and then expect a person like me to join you.

You literally just called me sub-human, too.

You can’t expect me to respect a left-leaning African-American who votes to limit my freedom while using rap lyrics as their justification for doing so.

You can’t expect me to respect a white liberal who tries to guilt-trip me for demonstrating the content of character necessary to pick oneself up with personal responsibility to become a whole person in a way not everyone can.

I refuse to be a black/black-dominant man with white guilt. (Yes, that’s basically what it is, and it does exist.)

All the “diversity” groups who claim how they want to “end whiteness” ultimately, and indirectly, are saying that they’d commit cultural genocide against my tribe if they had power.

The game has changed.