Libertarianism and ultra-capitalism will never take full hold over America, despite how much I’d like them to.

The reason why is in the observation of libertarians, themselves. I’ve not looked hard enough to find an extensive study, but the general consensus I’ve found through a simple Google search seems to be, via sources like MENSA and the Triple 9 society, that libertarian ultra-capitalists (like myself), have the highest IQs, followed by left-leaning voters, and then Republicans.

  • Republicans tend not to be so smart, but emotionally strong and wise.
  • Left-leaners tend to be smart, but neither emotionally strong nor wise.
  • Meanwhile, ultra-capitalists tend to be a combination of all three.

The problem, though, is in even if libertarian economists are technically correct within the realm of their theory, it is only them/us who would thrive in that world or kind of country.

We don’t exist in high enough quantity for a population to build an army capable of suitable defense. We would likely build higher technology that could decimate populations of enemy soldiers if they violated the NAP (such as the nuclear bomb). However, understand how that threatens *all* life on the planet.

Meanwhile, even if we’re never attacked, almost everyone else (with the exception of a handful of Republicans) would perish in the country.

Left-leaners would make terrible business decisions and end up in abject poverty without government assistance. Or, they’d be rendered obsolete as human beings by the advancing technology people like me would create.
Meanwhile, the Republicans of lesser talent (separate from the Republicans of higher talent) would be surpassed in much the same way. They’d likely last longer than the left-leaners through sheer hard work. But, that would only get them but so far.

They’d each break into their own communities. The beauty, culture, etc. (or lack thereof) of those communities would reflect their beliefs and extent of the human capital that forms them.

Democrat communities would seem the “ugliest” by conventional standards, as a combination of indiscriminate empathy and diversity for diversity’s sake would lead to all sorts of violent conflicts, ghettos, etc. They’d have technology that (mostly) the ultra-capitalists would create and deal to them with commerce, but only the elite of the democrat communities would be able to afford them. This is because whatever currency the Democrat communities would form would have little value because of their leadership’s economic decisions.

Meanwhile, because of this, the ultra-capitalists would be criticized as elitists for their economic efficacy. There would need to be private military organizations formed and contracted for security so that the (primarily) poor of the democrat communities don’t begin raiding the country for their survival. This would ultimately lead to the democrat communities being quarantined in different districts, no-mans-lands.

Lower-talent Republican communities would become something akin to less-restrictive Amish communities. They’d be based on religion, peaceful, beautiful, and homogenous. Though, they’d be slow to advance on their own merit, if at all, after a certain point. They’d need to strike commerce with the ultra-capitalists for many things.
Higher-talent Republicans and ultra-capitalists would likely live together. Though, they’d debate against each other for many things.

In the end, if libertarianism or anarchic ultra-capitalism took hold over the country, it would not be a utopia. The libertarian communities would be utopian, sure. However, the rest of the country would become something akin to The Hunger Games not because the libertarians were wrong, but because they were right, and no one else would be able to keep up with them in a world of totally free economics.