In the marketplace of ideas, Vannoken culture would primarily fit the demand generated by people from originally broken homes and declining cultures.

For instance, that’s why we did it: the males of our tribe. What was the statistic, what like 70+% of African-American homes are without fathers or something like that? A crazy high number, though I can’t remember exactly what it is.

But for the females (like my wife), it’s sad to say, but Latvian culture is on the decline. There are only a few million Latvians left with a declining population trajectory, with tons of political corruption, a near stagnant economy, and Russians gradually replacing what was once Latvian culture. There are two major psychographic groups of Latvians: Those that stay, and those that leave (for one reason or another). So, to people like my wife, who didn’t experience nearly the same kind of dysfunction that I did growing up, it’s still a kind of thrilling adventurous thought of starting over from ground zero, supported by intelligent/educated people with similar interests.

With Latvian culture, it’s not looking good. There are tons of governmental restrictions preventing change and growth; meanwhile, with something like Vannoken culture…the future is vast, totally malleable, and potentially infinite. Our imaginations and willpower are the only actual limits, with self-determination being a part of American life.

With other people, though, the problem is that broken homes produce broken people; I was one of them. And there’s no one who can save you from how broken you may be other than you. I fixed me; you have to fix you. When you’ve overcome the damage done to you in life, then we can talk about letting you around our kids with all the cultural benefits we’re gradually developing.

It’s a big mistake if psychologically vulnerable people (like some of the few people who’ve gotten frustrated with me in the comments of the site) think I’m trying to be some kind of savior. The divide created by giving what we’re doing a name basically ends a whole lot of arguments before they start.

Such as when the average African-American would try to argue with me about what black culture is (or some element of it), I can easily diffuse the situation by saying something like, “You’re right. I won’t argue with you. That is your culture. …and this is mine.

This is my cultural space and that’s yours. You handle your cultural issues your way, and we’ll handle ours in our way.

And no one can really say anything, because who are they to tell me what Vannoken culture is? That’s like an African-American trying to tell a Japanese person what Japanese culture is.


Let African-Americans be African-Americans, and Vannokens be Vannokens. They have their music; we’ll have ours. They have their food, ways of thinking, etc. and we’ll have ours.

On the other side of the same coin, I’d have no right to tell a black American what black (or African-) American culture is. There’s no need to argue at that point. Just live and let the chips fall where they may. Let Darwinism, in a sense, decide who’s right or wrong in any given argument.

So, to grow the tribe from new people rather than childbirths, all we’d really have to do is market the concept to declining cultures and just set a standard for letting people in or not. Or, people with bad family histories who have likely made mistakes in life from how that scarred them (like me) but have genuinely processed that pain in their own way enough to prove that they’re a trustworthy, upstanding citizen of western civilization with good work ethic who just may need new friends to network with.

But it’s definitely not for everyone, nor is it meant to be.