A scalable response to common insults expected to be slung toward the Vannoken tribe.

Some people have become expectedly offended by my statements.

I mean to make this video to establish a scalable means of addressing the inevitable blowback from the mainstream black American community, and their far-left supporters.

There’s absolutely no way a person does what I’m doing, what we’re doing as a tribe, and wouldn’t expect to be called names like “coon,” or slandered with claims like “You hate being black!”

Because I can’t stop to throw stones at every dog that’ll bark, here’s a post that will make for a very easy, linkable reference to automate the process of addressing common, expected claims.

  • You hate being black!

We don’t hate being black; I hate the international reputation that’s commonly associated with being black while I can demonstrably change my behavior to counter it.

Dishonest people will willfully overlook the difference between the two concepts; meanwhile, people with lower-than-average IQs (regardless of their ethnicity) won’t be able to comprehend the difference.

And that’s nobody’s fault. That’s not their fault because they were born a certain way, nor is it my fault, because I’m not the one who willed them into existence. I owe them nothing.

Because I know the power of language and how to wield labels for positive or negative outputs in the development of reputation which would vary depending on one’s viewpoints, I have little choice but to look down on the mainstream black American culture, most commonly propagated in the media.

Culture overlaps with racial groups to a certain extent, but they are not one and the same.

  • You’re separating from blacks!

Yes. That’s…exactly what “cultural independence” means. The American whites declared cultural independence from the English whites. No, they didn’t like each other very much.

Please allow me to reiterate to you what this channel is: These videos are my thoughts, my philosophy, my opinions. They vary. They’re disorganized. Sometimes, a post may be about a cultural tradition we’ve come up with; sometimes, they’re about something purely political or philosophical.

They are mostly the outputs of rants I’ve collected over the process of years. We make them public so that the world can see us coming in a legal and ethical manner.

If you count yourself in the majority black populace or as one of their non-black political enablers, know that I am no savior of black people. I don’t try to represent myself as a savior of black people. I do not claim to be motivated by purely benevolent emotions.

What I claim to be motivated by is an alignment of negotiation between my id, ego, and superego that I hope would yield the highest overall net positive output for society. But I will not lie to you or pretend to be some saint.

My superego keeps me nonviolent and keeps me logically overriding any reptilian in-group preference I have to make sure that I judge people by the contents of the characters. My ego drives me to develop my tribe through studying physics, music, literature, linguistics, and other subjects that I can then yield in ways to give back to society through valuable skills. And my id? The darker part of me? Is satiated by every demonstration of advancement we make as a culture, even if only in baby steps, to humiliate the mainstream black leaders we never elected to represent us.

As I have individuated, I must attest that the darker part of my psychology enjoys embarrassing mainstream black culture with the demonstration of continually, incrementally, progressive cultural character.

We didn’t do what we’re doing to help blacks. I am not pro-black, nor have I claimed to be.

My personal mission is very clearly stated on my blog: “My mission is to simply demonstrate a non-violent example, one that is compatible with western civilization, based on my merit and the content of my character, while uniting all facets of my bloodline, the strengths of every cultural ancestor in as logically coherent a manner as possible, within the boundaries of my epistemic limitation, however imperfect or damaged I may be for the sake of evolving into a better state of being through the power of personal responsibility and the process of self-actualization.

In the process of doing so, I hope how I change over time leads me to leave the world a bit better a place than it was in when I was first born into it.”

Listen or read the wording again, with clauses like “compatible with western civilization,” with terms like “self-actualization.”

You cannot fully self-actualize if you do not address your Jungian shadow, the dark elements of who you are. Meanwhile, I was very clear both in my personal mission and my tribe’s mission: We’re declaring cultural independence, separating from the mainstream black American community, divorcing from Jim Crowian politics and evolutionary psychology, and completing the process of integration in our own way.

We are the minority of the minority who wants to complete the process of integration with the majority, just with our own individualistic style. Now…who are the majority of the country?

There are many black or African-Americans depending on how they identify themselves, who expect me to try to play both sides. That’s not happening; that wouldn’t lead to a stable psychology, to be anything other than honest and forthright about how we feel.

So, no we don’t like you. We don’t like your culture. If we did, there’d be no need for a public declaration of cultural independence. We would just stay ourselves; we wouldn’t put in the work to buy land, and rebuild our language, and move on from the past without you. The majority of the blacks in America have hurt us deeply in our childhoods and in life in general, and interacting with most of them slow us down.

This ties into claim #3:

  • You’re a coon/uncle tom/insert racial derogatory black name here!

….YYyeah, yeah…we don’t care. Not only do so many people tend to forget that Uncle Tom was actually the hero of the story, zero people from the far-left political groups pay our bills. We work for a living; we’re not on the government heroin needle of support. We have clean records; we’ve served our country, and we work hard and we’re contributing to the economy with our raw abilities and talents.

We absolutely refuse to apologize for leaving mainstream black culture behind.

And I am willing to die for my people, I repeat: I am willing to die, behind that refusal, which is why I show my face while protecting the people I love most.

We are not going to waste our lives trying to help people who don’t actually want to be helped, who want power over others before the power to help themselves and others.

And we do NOT care what some backwards, self-loathing white leftist thinks about us.

I do not agree with the mainstream African-American talking heads and race peddlers that we never elected. We will hold on to our respective European heritages even, and especially, if it kills us. Without apology.

I’ve never felt more determined, content, one, and resolute.

I do not mean anyone, especially American blacks, any harm. But my tribe will not yield simply because we hurt some feelings.