Several people have told me, throughout the past few years we’ve been rebuilding as a tribe, that no matter what we do, we will never be fully accepted. This is the typical concern of left-wing African-Americans and other forms of collectivists. I’ve been asked several times why I (personally, not just my tribe) care so much about rebuilding in such a way as to be compatible with western civilization.

The emphasis by the people asking was about whites. To be blunt, they were saying that no matter what we do, we still will never be fully accepted by all whites, even though we are evolving to be white-dominant as a tribal phenotype.

My response?

It is well that we are not accepted by all in our civilization, for they do not even accept all of themselves. They are not a hivemind collective in such a way, for that’s the beauty of individualism and self-determinism: the counter-intuitive and simultaneous honor and acknowledgement given to us by the honesty of those not totally tolerant.

By declaring cultural independence, we ourselves are also saying that we are not all-accepting, as would be an axiom needed for the desire to distinguish ourselves as our own cultural entity, in the first place. We are no longer tolerating what we cannot control of where we come from, to build the new with what we can.

The lack of total collective acceptance, especially on the grounds of esthetics, is therein neither a curse nor any reason to be discouraged; it is, instead, a call to adventure to build the honor of our name.

It is in the lack of total acceptance that we have the freedom to be and exist as ourselves.

Tolerance be damned.