I respect Tommy Sotomayor.

I understand he’s not speaking to me in these videos. He’s speaking to whom he considers to be genuine non-“watered down” black people. He doesn’t think I count as black, according to his other videos. And he’s literally telling people not to create people like me in this one.

I understand why.

…and a huge part of me agrees with him.

Maybe, I shouldn’t exist. Considering this no longer hurts me; I just explore the question in the same manner as I explore the concept of being inferior, or sub-human.

Frankly, at this point, I don’t care who considers me what. I know what I am at this point, and like he says himself, I should take pride in everything I am. So, I do.

My reproduction strategy is simple: Become the best person you can be (which he states himself in this video). Then, just pick whoever is receptive to you that you like most (which he doesn’t say in this video) and is the most beneficial partner you could ask for to help you advance as a team.

This means that you may end up in an interracial relationship following my approach, but that’s not the focus. It’s only a byproduct.

He’s saying become the best person you can be. Then, choose a black woman.

In my strategy, what becomes of your line following that strategy is the natural process of human evolution.
I’m not a skin color identitarian, because that’s what this is: where he’s coming from.

In contrast, I’m about content of character separated from the concept of race. From either identitarian stance, yeah, I’m watered down, something between the best kind of human and not.

In mine, I’m higher evolved as an all-around human than he is. I can practice to activate certain genes from different ancestors for varying types of survivability that he can’t. For instance, he speaks about survival in the hot sun…which I can do, too. My skin literally just gets darker on demand to adapt. Then, it gets lighter again once I’m out of the sun.

Like any white person’s would with a tan.

…but, then, I also adapt in other ways to the cold, as per my environment, on demand, too. I wrote an article about my time mountain climbing during winter in China that touched a little on that.

And I can gather empirical evidence to support this. The fact that I can do that is what supports my self-esteem. Which, I don’t think a man like him would disagree with.

It all depends on values and how you look at it. Though, since I’m not a relativist, I do think my way is more beneficial for the entirety of human progress, rather than just the blacks’.

In both ways, you’d create a Pareto distribution of genes in each group. You’ll have elite blacks from wonderful families of good genetic stock from his. Whereas, in mine, not everyone would end up *racially* mixed. However, *some* would, forming a Pareto distribution of genes of the entire human civilization. Some would be black; others would be white; others would be like me.

In mine, you’ll have your low-IQ and high-IQ mixed kids just like you’d have the same statistical formation in any of the other ethnic groups. Some would be super smart, talented, and adaptable; meanwhile, others wouldn’t be.

The pattern would carry consistently throughout each racial group. With maximized individualistic freedom in my strategy, none of the prior major racial groups would go extinct. It would just be a free-market of genes, and in this market, the same mathematical principles would apply.

The only people who would lose out in a genetic free-market are the people that should. Just like companies in any stock market.

I am more fit for all-around survival as a human, especially in America and Europe, than he is. Not just socially but environmentally, geographically, as well.

And I take pride in that, just like he says to.

Addendum: I would love to have a live discussion with Tommy. I think it would be very beneficial for both of our perspectives, and those who’d witness it. I don’t sense that there’d be any hard feelings on either side of the discussion.

And note that I do say “discuss,” not “debate” because I think we agree on all the core things that build a civilization. The rest would just be negotiable perspective.