Tommy Sotomayor spoke in a video. He said that whites only call mixed people black. He was incorrect. It depends on which white person and in which context.

I understand why he made this “mixup” (har har har! 😉 ) because he’s not around whites like I am or have been. Nor was he raised by them.

People, in general (not just whites), really just kind of call it what it looks like, primarily. Because no two mixed people are quite the same. Not all whites are the same; there’s genetic disparity between different cultures of Europeans, too.

Tommy is brave and brilliant, though not that worldly. So, I understand why he thought this.

That’s why I say I’m black-dominant, but my daughter is white-dominant. You can tell we’re mixed by looking at us. However, what are we primarily at first glance?

That’s what “-dominant” you are. That’s how we do it in Vannoken culture.

My Irish mentor in China, for instance, only called me black because, at the time, it offended me not to. He definitely would have called me something else if I wasn’t weak about it at the time.

I still thought in terms of the 1-Drop Rule then, myself.

I don’t anymore, of course. People can call me whatever the hell they want. They can call me a “dog” if they want to. They can call me a nigger if they want to. China taught me how to be mentally strong in a very unique way when in the face of other people’s wild opinions of what I am or am not.

I acquired the psychological strength to be called a nigger once I, ironically, embraced my European heritage. Would Odin care if you called him a gringo or a cracker? No. He’s been called tons of different names in the legends, not all of them good.

If Odin even acknowledged you, or what you called him, at all, he’d likely just laugh as he impaled you.

Meanwhile, I ask myself this: Would my ancient European ancestors be proud of me if I demonstrated such manipulable weakness of character as to explode just because I was called a mean name like “nigger?”

Absolutely not.

Meanwhile, if you were white and I called you a “gringo” or a “cracker,” sure, you may acknowledge it as disrespectful. But, you most likely wouldn’t go nuclear over it. You would most likely just look at me and make a mental note in your head as if to say, “Okay, you’re a dick.” But, you wouldn’t lose all emotional control.

That’d be some pretty low IQ stuff, right there.

Acknowledging that a term is disrespectful is one thing; turning into a mindless raging ape over it is another.

In moments of emotional adversity, all I have to do is take a second to ask myself this: Would my European ancestors be proud of me if I did “X” for reasons “Y and Z?”

No? Then, chill out.

Take a second to think through the situation. Strategize to gain a social advantage over those who oppose you.

It’s just that, if you’re born in Vannoken culture and you have hair and skin like mine, you’re black-dominant. If you look like my daughter or son, you’re white-dominant. Or Asian-dominant. It’s whatever. We don’t care that much; it’s other people who do.

We don’t care that much anymore because with a new psychological platform, our identities are now stable. We have a new culture to take responsibility for, a new fresh start. Thus, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. No reason to feel emotionally vulnerable, especially not when we’re connected to such a diverse history, ranging from so many countries and continents.

It’s simple. Saying one is “black/white” whatever is practical for the “mirror test,” while saying “-dominant” shows respect for the fact that that’s not all you genetically are.

Simple. Logical. Respectful. While not detracting from practicality.

It also makes Vannoken kids who are born looking more black than anything not feel any less Vannoken simply because the majority of us are white-dominant. You’re still 100% Vannoken (so no identity crisis), just a black-dominant one.

I thought ahead with that, because we weren’t sure how the kids were going to look. Turns out, though, that, once again, I’m the darkest in the family.