The right rebellion is one fueled by the heart, but steered by logic. It is neither to rally against government for governing’s sake. Nor is it the will to spite one’s mother or father for parenting’s sake.

It is neither to tear down those who have more than you. Nor is it to uplift those who have less.

Right rebellion comes not as a direct act, but as a byproduct of the will to protect the integrity of the true self. The self that has always been there. Deep within one’s darkest, repressed core. When what lurks within the shadows of the mind unifies with the light.

It is to embrace the world’s judgment of the monster, the animal, the full human one is. Neither to run from society, nor to flee from its thoughts for fear of consequence.

It is the consideration for consequence, with mastery over one’s emotions. It is the awareness of one’s connection to all the world and its consequences. To understand one’s place in the aether. A plane of existence that unifies meaning and meaninglessness as one. To both matter and not. To be at peace and in chaos in one unified stream of consciousness.

To exist in both planes with equal awareness of either. To let them flow as they are, as they should be.
Right rebellion is not to find meaning but to determine a course based on the desire of the true self. Then, let the world determine its meaning as free. To stand one’s ground against the world, but only if need be. To let the ripples of time determine the merit of one’s actions. Because to set free the world’s opinions is to set free oneself from the world.

Then, to act out one’s story with rectitude in the eyes of history. To embrace risk and the inevitable. Failure, pain, and loss being the mere dark strokes of the masterful painting that is one’s life.

Right rebellion is a state of mind that’s attained at the moment of inner death. When there’s a catalyst that switches the gears of the mind. When one sets the course of their own life, their own coordinates for their growth on the horizon to sail for.

The moment at which they admit what they truly want for themselves and decide its pursuit. To free their ideal selves from the deepest depths of their imagination.

To connect with whom one has always been.

To become aware that one who has always been is an impermanent state of ever-changing growth. One is a process, a story with its own narrative of rise and fall.

Its drive comes from what lies both beyond the true self and through it. The universe’s abstract fabric, the aether of all creation.

Thus, right rebellion comes not in the will to disconnect from the world, but to connect to it. And as you move with personal responsibility, the world moves with you.